Pocket TV gets a second series

Our favourite music entertainment show is back for a second series – yey!

We were jumping for joy at the announcement of a second series of Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV.

Why are we so excited? Because series one was, like, the best thing ever, and we’ll tell you why…

  • They managed to piss Calvin Harris off (with a jar of jam) to the point where he created his own online mini series (entirely dedicated to jars of jam) complete with theme tune.
  • Jonas Altberg (Basshunter) being Face Invaded was hilarious – in fact the whole concept behind Face Invaders is amazing.
  • … and while we’re talking about the amazing interview twists, we challenge you to find a more beautiful sight than Matt Edmondson quizzing in his pants!
  • You know the questions that some interviewers might be a bit scared to ask? Pocket TV ask them – fearless.
  • Not only can you watch the show on YouTube, but it is designed to be watched on your mobile phones so you can watch it on the go.
  • Matt Edmondson deserves a bravery medal for hugging Marilyn Manson, especially after Matt told us in an interview that Marilyn wouldn’t let him leave and invited him on tour with him.
  • … the same goes for Pocket TV’s producer, for letting Marilyn draw a penis on his neck.

Series one boasted some huge names from the music industry, so we can’t wait to see who they have lined up for series two.

Click here to check out the site and click here for the chance to become a runner on the show.