Return of the Jed

'Jedward' - Portrait SessionNot that they ever really left us! Just days after Flecking reported that the boys had been axed by Sony it seems they’ve bagged an even bigger, even better deal with rival label Universal.

Sony dumped X Factor stars John and Edward declaring them a ‘Novelty Act’ after their debut single Under Pressure featuring VANILLA ICE (sorry we still get a little excited over that!) failed to reach No1.

Jedward fans need fear no more as the boys have now bounded back with a new deal on Universal who are also home to the likes of Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse. Hmmm could a new collaboration be on the cards? Interesting thought!

X Factor judge and the boys manager Louis Walsh promised big things were still in their future saying ” I’m completely committed to Jedward and I know they still have a great career ahead……The boys have a sell-out tour in Ireland straight after The X Factor Tour in April.”

Maybe their next single could be a take on Mark Morrison’s hit Return of the Mack Jed?