Rob Pattinson shuns fans

Robert Pattinson Makes The Media Rounds!

The dashing actor has managed to upset some of his UK fans by not stopping and signing autographs during his time in London whilst filming Bel Ami.

We thought that R Patz was a down to earth kinda guy, but after we found out he has five bodyguards, we were shocked! Then he continued to amaze us all after Flecking exclusively discovered that Rob has been ignoring his fans. He’s recently been in London filming scenes for his new film, Bel Ami, and although not a lot of people were waiting for him, he still got rushed off into his car and taken away. Of course we can understand if he didn’t know people were waiting, but the difference was that he did know!

We also found out that there was an occasion when Rob was bent down in his car, ignoring the 3 fans that were waiting for him. He has been known to do this before, and so this is just another time that he’s upset his adoring fans. It’s a shame, ’cause he’s hot, talented but obviously just very deluded!

Pattinson, shame on you.