Robert Pattinson can’t remember his lines…

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The man himself has told a German magazine that he has trouble remembering his lines on the set of Bel Ami. Oh dear!

Known for his vampire acting, and upsetting of fans the Twilight actor has admitted that he needs help from members of the crew during scenes.  “When we do Twilight there is always someone there who takes care of everything and feeds you your lines,” Robert told German magazine Focus. “I read a lot on set, but as soon as I shut the book I can barely remember the last line I’ve just read. We’re just shooting Bel Ami and [director] Declan Donnellan is directing it. He usually does stage productions and expects me to know all of my lines – like a stage actor. No chance! I realised how rusty and slow my brain has become.”

Oh Pattinson. You’re really not the man I thought you were! It’s just lucky you have a pretty face.