So that’s why Miley Cyrus doesn’t miss Twitter

82nd Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsMiley Cyrus says she doesn’t miss Twitter, but she still uses the site through a friend.

It’s been five months since Miley quit Twitter (is that all? It’s like she was never there in the first place!) but when asked by Access Hollywood if she missed it, Miley replied: “Not at all”.

However, Miley did admit that she uses Twitter. Kind of.

“I’ve been Tweeting vicariously through my friend who is on my show, Emily [Osment],” Miley told AH. “So I’m like, ‘For all the life that you live on Twitter, I’ll live through you.’ So I’m always like, ‘What are people saying?’”

“I posted a picture on there the other day. She took my picture and I said just write ‘Hi from Miley.’ I stood by a thing of hay and said ‘Hey!’ and that was it,” she explained.

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