Steve Rushton Interview

G-Force World Premiere
"Lady Gaga will continue to be wow"

He may be a Disney star and friends with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Leona Lewis, but he’s always got time for a chat with us here at Flecking Records.
I caught up with Steve Rushton to see what he’s been up to, how he feels about the Son Of Dork days and of course, if he’s getting married.

Hello Steve, how are you?

Very good thank you, and your fine self?

I’m great! Did you have a good Christmas?
I had a great Christmas with my family. Nice to be back in England.

You were a part of the Disney Christmas Day Parade – how was that?
I was a part of it and it was amazing. I loved every bit of it. It was my first solo TV appearance and the performance was epic with over 100 dancers and even the Santa Buddies were in the shoot.

We can’t believe you’re a Disney star! Did you ever expect this?

No, but it’s what I always dreamt of as a kid.

Do the Son Of Dork days seem like a million years ago?
Absolutely [laughs].

Do you miss them?

Do you ever find yourself singing Eddie’s Song while you’re in the shower?
No [laughs].

Do you see much of James Bourne?
Not really, we keep trying to meet up but we always have different free times, it never matches up.

Are you still in touch with the rest of the band?
Some of them.

Are you friends with Miley Cyrus?

What is she like?
Amazing, a really humble girl.

Do you have to behave now you’re a Disney star? YouTube isn’t the same without your naked trampolining video…
Shhh! I never did that! [laughs]

Which Disney character would you say you were the most like?

What do you have planned for this year?
Album release, new sound…

Any plans to release some music/tour in the UK?
Yes, hopefully soon.

What do you miss about living in the UK?
Mum’s cooking.

Did you really rabbit-sit for Leona Lewis?

I did once.

Go on, name drop – who is your most famous friend?

Your cover of Poker Face is amaaaazing! Do you play any other covers?
Yeah. I never rehearse them though, my band are great musicians so I’ll start playing something and they’ll soon catch up and so it’s exciting for me live, to just reel something off.

Who was your favourite band of the noughties?

Green Day. New band, The Script.

Who do you think is gonna be big this decade?

Lady Gaga will continue to be wow.

And because we always ask… any plans to get married soon?
Absolutely not, ahhhhh, I’m a child, I can’t even look after myself [laughs].