Take That: FURIOUS!

With more Dutch females now coming out with their Take That stories, it’s no surprise that the stars are livid!

Two Dutch ladies who have reportedly been in the hands of the men of Take That, met up last year and decided to write a book about how they said ‘take me’ to Take That. The book is called ‘The ladies of Take That‘ and unfortunately is only available in Dutch at present.

Since the groupie secrets have been revealed, calls are coming in from girls saying, “What do you mean one girl? I know at least six women who’ve slept with the men of Take That.” and “I have been approached by Take That’s sex manager at a gig, she wanted to know my age, if I was single and whether I was interested in sex with one of the guys, and which one I’d prefer.

Because Take That like to portray themselves as ‘good fathers’ and ‘family men’, they’re not happy – not in the least! Apparently some of the females have already been contacted and were asked to swear to secrecy. One of the women who wrote the book is scheduled to meet up with Merith to discuss whether she wants to do something more interesting with her story.

Surprisingly, the rest of Take That do not blame Mark Owen for the current situation, even though it seems as though it was his confession that got the ball rolling. Mark is in rehab now. It’s said he’s recovering from a ‘booze’ addiction… err, don’t you meant a sex addiction perhaps?