Take That had special ‘sex manager’

As if one Dutch woman stepping forward about a Take That scandal isn’t enough, a second one has opened up about GARY BARLOW!

Another Dutch female has stepped forward and told newspapers about her sexperiences with Take That, but unlike Merith, she wishes to stay anonymous.

Encouraged by shocking cheat-stories of Mark and Howard, another ‘victim’ speaks up: “The band Take That has a special sex manager who takes care of ladies for the band members.”

“An interesting blonde woman made me find my way to Gary over and over again.” she explains. She also talks about how Gary Barlow was the one to take her virginity at the age of 17. “The sex was very tender at first, but it didn’t take long for him to show me what he had on offer. I was so naive.

It wasn’t until she made an unexpected appearance that she realised that Barlow had more ladies on his hands. “The one time I came round without any help of the sex manager, I found him, busy with another girl.

Next to Merith and this lady, there are many other Dutch females who are speaking up about their sexual relationships with band members of Take That. Another woman tells us about her relationship with Mark Owen. She finds many similarities with Merith’s story. She also found her existing relationship crumbling down after hooking up with one of the singers. “Just like I was, Merith must have been mesmerised. We can’t blame her for her actions.

Right, who’s next in line?