WTF? Corrie meets Jeremy Kyle

British Soap Awards 2008 - Winners' BoardsCoronation Street stars will be going on the Jeremy Kyle Show to mark it’s 1,000th episode.

You absolutely have to watch The Jeremy Kyle Show tomorrow (What? You have a job? Well Sky+ it then!) because Jack P. Shepherd, Michelle Keegan, Ben Price and Craig Gazey or you and I probably know them David Platt, Tina McIntyre, Nick Tilsley and the fantastic Graeme Proctor will be on the show, in character, and Jezza will be sorting out their problems by doing that scary shouty thing he does that makes everything right again.

Craig Gazey, who plays Graeme, said they hadn’t rehearsed beforehand, adding: ”We’re going to do it exactly how people do it. My character is quite funny and may come out with silly things but we’re not doing it for a laugh. We want it to be as if the characters were on Jeremy Kyle.”

You can catch the special episode at 9:30am on ITV tomorrow (Thursday 18th). Miss it, miss out!