Ben Shephard leaves GMTV

We wrote only yesterday about TV’s happenings at the mo, with people and programmes being sacked or moved left, right and centre.

Now Ben Shephard has confirmed he will be leaving GMTV’s comfy sofa.

It comes days after Adrian Chiles left the BBC to join the early morning show, so it’s natural to think Ben’s nose is a bit out of joint at the prospect of sharing the couch with someone else. Not so.

“Ben’s two year contract with GMTV is up at the end of April.

“Earlier this year, his management made it clear that he would not be renewing it, but would be happy to stay on temporarily during this transitional period.

“Ben is excited about moving on after 10 incredible years and will be focusing on a number of new projects with ITV and other channels.”

Who/What’s next?