Chris Evans in trouble with BBC bosses already!!

TRIC Awards - Outside ArrivalsChris Evans has already managed to stir up trouble at the BBC and is to get a telling off from bosses (in what we can only imagine will be a true ‘finger wagging’ moment!!)

The new Friday night One Show presenter has got himself in trouble with BBC bosses over comments that he made about Adrian Chiles on his Radio 2 show, a report has claimed. It seems Chris just can’t play nice and while chatting to rugby stars Matt Dawson and Austin Healey on his usual breakfast slot yesterday when he joked about Adrian’s decision to leave the BBC.
The on-air chat reportedly heard Chris claiming that he could get Dawson and Healey screen tests to take over Chiles’s position on The One Show. Can we have a go too?

When Matt Dawson apparently commented that he would feel like a “warm-up act” for Evans, the broadcaster replied: “You are not the warm-up act for me. That is what the other guy thought and look what happened to him.” (oooh handbags!)

Of course this remark follows rumours that Chiles’s had quit the BBC in protest over plans to replace him with Evans in Friday episodes of the daily magazine programme.

A BBC source said: “This will not go unnoticed and Chris will have to explain himself. He is almost certain to get a dressing down where he will be reminded he has to be careful what he says on air, especially when referring to The One Show….He shouldn’t be seen criticising Adrian for leaving the BBC and shouldn’t give the impression he is extremely influential on a series he has not started on yet.”