Has planning a wedding caused Katy Perry to take up smoking?

Katy Perry goes for a stroll as the sun sets on the final day of he 2010 Coachella Music and Arts Festival in CaliforniaKaty Perry has reportedly taken up smoking to help deal with the stress of organising her wedding to Russell Brand.

Oh but don’t worry, she’ll have hypnotherapy afterwards to help her quit. So it’s fine.

“I’m stressed out with the wedding and I keep smoking to calm my nerves,” Perry told a friend according to the Daily Mirror.

“I do it even though I know it is really bad for me and I know I need to stop.

“So I’m thinking I am going to have hypnotherapy to help me get over it. I’d never say to kids, ‘This is cool’. It’s a really bad habit that I need to quit.”

Simple as that.