N-Dubz Dappy admits taking meow meow

Dappy of the N-Dubz performs at Galaxy Radio's First Birthday party in GlasgowN-Dubz star Dappy has admitted to taking the drug meow meow – real name mephedrone.

The drug was made illegal earlier this month and Dappy has urged his fans not to take it.

‘I was on a night out with mates and it got a bit rowdy,’ says Dappy.

‘Meow meow was legal then and lots of my mates were taking it too.

‘I know this drug has now been made illegal and would not endorse any of our fans taking it.’

‘I said recently that I hadn’t touched serious drugs for years and maybe that wasn’t completely true,’ he tells The Sun.

‘But I now want people to realise how dangerous mephedrone and similar drugs can be.

‘It can ruin lives. I’d want any of our fans to stay well clear.’