Three Lions are coming….be warned!!

'Yes Man' World Premiere - Inside ArrivalsGetting a huge group of well known artists to all preform a track together seems to be all the rage at the moment .

No one can deny Sir Bob did a great job pulling (the original) ‘Band Aid’ line-up together but it has always seemed that every effort since has never quite managed to recreate that kind of magic.

Well……the remake of the 1996 football anthem Three Lions could just change all that!! (or maybe not!)

We’ve heard the rumours, we know it’s coming but just who is going to be chanting one of the most successful football songs ever?

Well of course it wouldn’t be Three Lions without the charming vocals of Ian Broudie (The Lightning Seeds) David Baddiel and Frank Skinner so we’re pretty sure we know what to expect there.

Here at Flecking we love a bit of Robbie Williams so the fact that he has been very keen to have his name associated with this track is great news. His vocals are sure not to fail along side the others.

No big surprises or raised eyebrows so far but now it gets interesting!!

It seems Russell Brand has been offered the change to feature on the song!!
Oh yes! Russell, who has never been shy about his love of the beautiful game, has allegedly been asked by Ian (Broudie) to record his vocals on the updated version!! It could work and we hope it does BUT…….

The fun doesn’t seem to end at the thought of Frank, David, Russell and Robbie all in the shower room together (we’re really sorry Ian but it’s our fantasy after all!!) Frank Skinner has been doing a little stirring on the subject and hinted that another famous face could very well be dusting off his England shirt for the occasion.

According to Frank (haha), Pete Doherty could very well be involved in the project too! Frank told reporters “I have heard rumours, yeah. There’s all sort of talk going on. I heard Pete Doherty’s name mentioned, even. Anyway that’s probably a secret, I shouldn’t have said,”

Should Sir Bob be worried? Should we be worried? Only time will tell but it’s going to be one interesting tale!