Britney Spears gets Twitter number 1 spot

Britney Spears Spends the Day After Mother's Day Shopping Solo!Britney Spears has over taken Ashton Kutcher and become the ‘Most Followed’ on Twitter! The singer is approaching five million followers on the social networking website.

@britneyspears is currently followed by 4,963,687 people, pushing Kutcher into second place.

@aplusk has tweeted to say that he “doesn’t care” about losing the number one spot, meanwhile other celebrities have congratulated Spears on becoming the most popular user of the site.

To celebrate this monumental occasion Brit had a quick question and answer session with fans. During her celebrations she revealed that she’d “love to duet with Robbie Williams.” The singer then issued Robbie with a come and get me plea tweeting: “Where are you? lol.

Well you never know the power of Twitter until you try!

She also revealed that she was a big fan of Glee, gushing: “The cast is so talented.”, that her favourite Sex And The City character was Carrie and out of all her own songs she would pick Toxic as her favourite track.