Cheryl Cole has 3 Words

DLD Starnight 2010

Gagging for it!

Rumours have it that since the split with Ashley, 3 months ago, Cheryl has not done the mattress mambo.

She has been telling those backstage on tour that she is “Gagging for it” and her needs as a “hot blooded women”, causing hysterics amongst those around her.

Cheryl is currently on tour with the Black Eyed Peas, and as we all know, Will.I.Am would only be too happy to help with this request. However Cheryl was quick to quash this by saying she sees Will as a brother.  Ouch!

Cheryl isn’t short of male admirers, both in the celeb world or in 90% of the Average Joe population.

Now now fellas, calm down and form a queue, single file..