Chico Slimani Interview

Chico Launches Debut Single - Portrait Session
"You want something bad enough, go and get it."

We always love a chat with Chico Slimani here at Flecking Records, so when we found out he was releasing a World Cup song we had to find out more!

Check out our interview to find out more about It’s England Time and the other exciting things Chico has in the pipeline.

Hello Chico, how are you?
I’m as glorious on the inside as it is beautiful outside, and it sure is beautiful outside. I hope it is for you too.

What have you been up to since we last spoke?
Oh God! Sooo much! I wrote two films with my brother JC Mac who is now in Hollywood, I did two albums, did numerous tours and got my own TV show in pre-production, I got a Butlins tour and the Chico summer party in Blackpool, Scarborough and Bournemouth theatres starting the 8th of July, I had a beautiful baby boy, Zacharia. And the last two months have been insanely busy with It’s England Time. But I’m not complaining.

What made you decide to record your World Cup song It’s England Time?
It wasn’t my idea actually. It happened by chance. I was playing Aladdin and someone suggested it.

I heard a psychic told you to do it…
Yes, his name is Dean “Midas” Maynard, he told me that he was a medium and he predicts England to go all the way, and that my song will be the World Cup theme, I said ‘What, Chico Tiiiime?’ and he said ‘No, It’s England Time’. I said ‘You won’t believe this, I wrote a song called England Time six months ago but I was in two minds whether to record it or not’. I thought ‘Oh what’s the difference, England Time, Chico time, it’s all the same’, I want people to hear my new stuff, but I thought ‘ah well, if you said it, why not?’ so I recorded it that day, finished at 1AM and went and camped outside Chris Moyle’s Studio at 5 in the morning. I was on crutches because I have just had my knee operation, he turns up at 6.25, he was like ‘Chiiiicoooo, pinch me, am I still dreaming?’ I said ‘No, you’re not dreaming and I’m real’, so I gave him the song and said it was for my charity and that I was trying to raise money to go back to South Africa and build more wells, which I promised them 8 months ago. So he played it and championed it as the smash of the summer and here we are. You want something bad enough, go and get it. Thank you Chris, you are a legend.

How long did it take to write?
I did a gig in Butlins and when I came out I saw a football sign, so I just hummed: ‘We get so delirious cause we take football serious’, I thought wow, of course, It’s England Tiiiime [laughs].

Do you think England can win the World Cup this year?
I don’t think, I know!

If England don’t win it, who will?
They will win, I don’t think like that, you got to believe to achieve. I come from a fighter’s background, when I used to get in the ring I never thought I was going to lose, I just thought ‘Get ready, I’m gonna knock you out’ [laughs].

What can you tell us about the music video?
It’s amazing how it’s all come together. Pinewood Studios donated a free video. We had 15 celebrities doing a cameo role, we had Christopher Biggins, Bianca Gascoigne, Donal Mcintyre, the legendary Lionel Blair, Bucks Fizz, Andy Abraham and Bill Oddie to name a few. An amazing day. And you can Pre- Order it now, text CHICO to 81088 or download all the five dance mixes at

You’ve got some serious competition from Three Lions featuring Robbie Williams and Russell Brand…
I don’t see it as a competition, I think there is room for everybody, the more the merrier. Three Lions is undoubtedly the greatest football song ever, and Robbie’s a legend. I guess you could say it’s a battle between the cool and the cheese, they’re both out so buy as you please [laughs]. Mine is to raise money for my charity and it’s got the footy dance so it will have you on your feet. Three Lions is for the terraces, England Time is for the pub after a few beers and England score, you know It’s England Time all the way.

Are you any good at football?
Yes I am, I always wanted to be a footballer. I’ll tell you something not many people know. I was in the same school football team as Gareth Southgate who captained England. So I wasn’t bad.

After the World Cup, what’s next for Chico?
I will be filming 26 episodes of my kid’s TV show, and releasing my new single Crazy. It’s gonna surprise a lot of people.

Come on, what time is it, really?
What! Haven’t you heard? It’s England Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime! Come on Engerrrrlaaaaaaand!