Dougie Poynter gives up one love for another

Winning Frankie’s heart needs sacrifice. Dougie opens up about what he’s had to give up in order to keep his girlfriend.

Dougie Poynter, you know, of McFly. That bassist. The weird one. The one with the lizards.

Well, no longer does Dougie have any of his reptile friends after Frankie insisted, “It’s them or me.

The choice was made a while back, but only now does Dougie speak about how he re-homed his selection of rare and valuable lizards, worth thousands of pounds.

He said: “I’ve had the collection re-homed. It was a difficult decision but it’s all for the best.

“Besides, I’m on the road so often that it wasn’t fair on them. I think me being away from home so much was starting to affect them.

“One committed suicide while I was away the last time and another had a sex change.

“Before I left it was a boy and by the time I got back it had begun laying eggs.”

It’s the end of an era, no longer will Dougie be the weird dinosaur-kid he always used to be.