Jack Tweed and friends involved in a fight after taunts at his ‘freedom’ party

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During Jack Tweed’s ‘freedom party’, Tweed and his friends were involved in a bloody fight after a fellow clubber apparently called Jack a ‘rapist’.

The fight began when someone taunted Jack shouting the word ‘rapist’ and Jack’s friends retaliated and jumped to his defence, which then led to a fight.

The party was held at London club Alto in a VIP area along with a group of his friends and fellow Z-list celebrities such as Chantelle Houghton, Bianca Gascoigne and Kara Tointon, although none of the ‘celebrities’ were involved in the fight.

The party was in aide of Jack being acquitted from trial earlier in the week, yet after the taunts this turned into a nasty fight with a witness stating that there was blood everywhere.

It is believed his friends who remained in the club, without beingĀ escortedĀ out like the rest, left later with swollen faces and blood covering their t-shirt’s, hands and shoes leaving at 1.30am.

Jack himself did not leave the club until 3.30am and then carried on with his night, unaffected by the fight, in Jet Black night club.

It is thought that Jack is going on holiday to Marbella in the coming weeks to escape further controversy over such.