Jedward to work with Calvin Harris?!

Children's Champions 2010 - ArrivalsIt’s been six months since Calvin Harris made a surprise appearance along side X Factor  twins  John and Edward during one of their Live X Factor performances. Today the thrilling news that they may appear together again hits the headlines as Jedward reveal they want him to work on their upcoming album!

Not ones to hold a grudge twins John and Edward Grimes have spoken out saying   they thought it was ‘cool’ when the dance star took to the stage with a pineapple on his head during their rendition of Queen’s Under Pressure!! The incident saw Mr Harris receive a ‘Lifetime ban’ from attending X Factor shows and events for his appreciation of the twins (and yellow fruit).

In a recent interview Edward said: “We haven’t met him but I think a remix of one of our songs by Calvin would be cool. Me and John could work with anyone.”

Maybe the decision to work with the star was inspired by Jedward visit to Scotland today?
The boys will be attending the Daily Record’s Our Heroes awards ceremony tonight at a Glasgow hotel. Edward said: “It will be really cool.”