Justin Bieber reckons he’s a great kisser

Justin Bieber performs at the 2010 Wango Tango concert in Los AngelesLil’ playa Justin Bieber thinks he is a “great” kisser.

The 16-year-old singer insists that despite his young age, he has already grown romantically close to more than one person, and believes his smooching technique is better than average.

He said: “I’m a good – I’m a great kisser. I’ve made out with a couple of chicks.”

The ‘Baby’ hitmaker – who was given a Range Rover car by his mentor Usher as a 16th birthday gift – also revealed he loves to take his dates out in the vehicle so they can find a secluded place to stop.

He added on the Johnjay and Rich radio show: “I mean, if you’re driving you make a little stop at, you know, the Wal-Mart rest stop… you’re good.”

Usher recently revealed that as well as taking control of Justin’s music career, he has also taught him how to handle himself with women.

He said: “Justin is 16 so he can’t really hang out yet. But as a youth, I was running the streets with Puffy and that’s basically how I made my start so I keep promising I’ll get him in a club one time, maybe it’ll be a party or something.

“But he knows exactly what to do with the screaming girls. I taught him well.”