Kelly Osbourne loves to workout

Ray-Ban Aviator: The Essentials Re-Launch - ArrivalsKelly Osbourne loves working out with her personal trainer.

The reality TV star – who recently shed over 40lbs in the past year – enjoys her regular exercise sessions because as well as being fun, they help maintain her newly-slim figure.

She said: “I’ve been working out with a personal trainer three times a week, which I really enjoy. It makes me think, ‘Why the hell did I not do this so long ago?’

“But I do try to stay away from the machines. I find that machines will only work that one part of your body. And you’ll end up getting a really big muscle somewhere where you don’t want it.”

While Kelly is now sensible with what she eats, she does indulge in the odd treat as she thinks it worse not to.

She told People magazine: “I don’t deny myself what I want, because.when I do finally get it, I’ll eat 10 times more.”

However, Kelly, 25, has previously said she is comfortable with her figure whatever size she is.

Speaking after a recent trip to London, during which dined out on several occasions, she said: “I haven’t bothered weighing myself so I’ve no idea if I’ve put on weight, but I really don’t care.

“I’ll never be one of those girls who obsesses about their figure, that must be such a boring way to live.”