Kylie Minogue says marriage is “not on the cards”

DKMS' 4th Annual GalaShe makes men across the globe mutter the words “I should be so lucky” but Kylie Minogue has said that she may never get married.

Poor  Kylie’s love life has always  been a continual source of gossip. she’s bound to have thought “I should be so lucky” to herself once or twice, but at 18 months and counting hopes are high for a long-lasting relationship with the Spanish model Andres Veloncoso.

However, if fans were hoping for a ‘magazine deal’ style wedding in the future they may be disappointed. In a recent interview with Elle magazine (promoting her sparkly new album Aphrodite, which is released in July) the pop princess admitted marriage was “not on the cards” she continued “Maybe it’s a path I’ll never go down. All I know is you can do worse than expect the unexpected……I’m in a very happy, romantic place. I thought those days were gone but I’m just doing what I feel,” Aww good for you Kylie!

The former Neighbours star is currently busy working on a musical about her music/art/inspiration with William Baker, her close friend and associate. As well as being Minogue’s stylist and creative director on a number of her tours, Baker was the director of a West End revival of musical Rent a few years back. The musical is currently untitled and who will play Kylie has not been decided but it will not be her.

Disappointingly for those of you looking forward to all the juicy gossip about the Neighbours set or ex-boyfriend Jason Donovan Kylie has said it will not tell the story of the star’s own rise to fame, which includes appearing in TV soap opera Neighbours and the launch of her pop career. The star said  “Yes, William Baker and I are working on getting the story written. I’m comfortable because it’s not my life story; it’s about the interpretation of my music,” Minogue said. Well, we suppose she’s keeping it to herself in a good neighbourly fashion and after all  ‘everybody needs good Neighbours‘!