McFly demand photos are banned from gay forum

Gone With The Wind: World Premiere And Press NightMcFly’s management company have reportedly told a popular gay message board to remove photos of the band.

Photos of Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd were posted by forum users, some featuring the guys not wearing much, for other users to admire, but management aren’t happy.

We know what you’re thinking, McFly who got butt-naked on stage at GAY and set fire to their public hair (still totally grossed out by that!), but management are concerned where most of the private photos are coming from.

One of the moderators of FM Forums, who have agreed to the photo ban, claimed the letter from McFly’s management said: “We are continuing to investigate how these pictures leak out”.

Offering to shed some light on the moderator added: “I think you’ll find your band members are posting them on Twitter!”

McFly seem to be prone to leaks, several tracks from their new album (expected to be released in August) are being passed around between fans over the internet.