Megan Fox’s replacement for Transformers 3 is…

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Apparently a very good looking Victoria’s Secret model!

Although Paramount Pictures are not saying a word about who’s replacing Megan Fox in the new Transformers 3 film, we’ve heard rumours from that it’s Rosie Huntington Whiteley that will be filling her shoes.

Director Michael Bay has helped out on a few Victoria Secret adverts in the past, so the two aren’t strangers. He had axed Megan Fox repMegan Fox at Jennifer's Body Fan Event in Hollywoodortedly due to her losing too much weight and looking ‘unhealthy’. So instead he’s getting in a model!

A spokesman at Paramount told “There is nothing official, so, it’s no comment right now.”

Apparently Director Bay is not that bothered that Rosie has no acting experience. Well who needs to act when you look like that, eh?

No one still really knows for sure why Megan won’t be in the next Transformers. Her people say she decided not to return for another film, whereas Michael Bay has been stating differently. Oh the world of Hollywood.

Either way, we’re jealous. Both girls would have been too close to Shia LaBeouf for our liking!