Mick Jagger’s creative drug taking

Rolling Stones singer Jagger arrives for the premiere of the documentary film Stones In Exile in New YorkSir Mick Jagger believes the “orgies and drug taking” of the early 70s were a result of it being a creative time.

The Rolling Stones legend – who is the focus of new documentary ‘Stones in Exile’ at the Cannes Film Festival – reveals details of the period in the film and admits it was a period of excess.

Jagger said: “The orgies, the drug taking? Yes I remember it well. It was lot of fun, quite a bumpy time but generally quite a creative period despite all the excesses. In those days that’s how it was done – we got away with it.”

The release of the documentary will be accompanied by the digital re-mastering of their iconic LP ‘Exile on Main Street’, which will also include 10 brand new songs that have been lost for decades, which the band always knew the tracks existed but couldn’t find.

Jagger added: “They were in our tape store, smouldering away probably. They don’t have a very good shelf-life, you have to bake them, put them in the oven.”

The tracks were mostly instrumental but Jagger wrote retrospectively to revive the lost songs.

He said: “I wrote in the mood of ‘Exile’, it was interesting.”