Miley Cyrus confesses: ‘Full Circle is about a Jonas Brother’

U.S singer Miley Cyrus performs at the Rock in Rio Music Festival in LisbonMiley Cyrus reveals that her track Full Circle is about one of the Jonas Brothers.

The video, believed to have been recorded at Rock In Rio, in Portugal last night, shows Miley introducing the song.

Miley says of the song: “It’s about two people, no matter what, they’re always gonna come back together, no matter what anyone says or the bad people that try to keep you apart.”

The 17-year-old adds: “It’s a personal story.”, before instructing the band to start playing.

As the band prepares to go into the song Miley says: “Surprise surprise”, before adding almost under her breath “It’s about a Jonas brother.”

Could she, perhaps, be referring to her ex boyfriend Nick Jonas?

Check out the video below.

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