More McFly music leaks from new album

Pride of Britain Awards - ArrivalsSeveral songs have leaked from McFly’s upcoming new album, and some of the fans aren’t happy with what they’re hearing.

The band have teased fans with talk of a new musical direction for months now, but a lot of the fans think they’ve gone a bit too mainstream in an attempt to appeal to more people.

‘I’ve heard the songs, and they’re not by the McFly I know and love’ one fan told us.

The high-quality clips are all over Youtube and two in particular, Foolish and Here Comes The Storm, seem to be the ones that the fans are finding a bit too different to McFly’s usual music.

You know that new sound you’ve been waiting for? Well listen to this.

Speaking of Here Comes The Storm, another fan said: ‘Do they think they’re JLS now?’

Rumour has it that the songs have leaked after fans hacked into email accounts – which we don’t condone. We all want to hear the songs but it takes away all the fun if you don’t wait for the album.

Anyway, have published a release date for the new album – 23d August 2010. (This date may change).

Have you heard any of the new music? What do you think?