OMG! Joe Jonas dumps Demi Lovato over the phone?

Revival Vintage Boutique Grand OpeningNot content with breaking Taylor Swift’s heart over the phone, Joe Jonas has now reportedly dumped girlfriend Demi Lovato in the same way.

Rumours have been circulation that the pair have split up, but it’s only now that details are emerging.

A source reportedly told “He didn’t have the heart to do it in person,”

It was only last week that Joe told E! News how excited he was to have his girlfriend join him on tour this summer.

Erm, that’s going to make all these summer tour dates a bit awkward isn’t it?

Demi is apparently leaning on Wilmer Valderrama for support.

“She complained about Joe to him a lot,” a source tells E! News. “Now they’re talking and dating.”

Regarding the breakup, Joe’s rep told E!: “We don’t comment on our clients’ personal lives”.