Solid eater Jennifer Aniston

Adam Sandler gets A Visit on Set!Jennifer Aniston is a solid eater.

The ‘Bounty Hunter’ star was reported earlier this month to have taken up the Baby Food Cleanse diet – which involves eating 14 portions of pureed food a day followed by a healthy adult dinner – to lose weight, but Jennifer insists she likes to chew her food.

The 41-year-old actress told People magazine: “I’ve been on solids for about 40 years now. Sorry, but the last time I had baby food, I believe I was one.”

Jennifer was said to have decided to go on the extreme diet, on the recommendation of celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, because she wants to look her best for new movie ‘Just Go With It’ – which she is shooting in Hawaii with Adam Sandler and stunning Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker.

A source said: “While in Europe last month, Jennifer relaxed her usually strict diet regime. She knew she had been indulging, and seeing as her upcoming role required her to wear lots of little dresses, she wanted to be at her physical peak.”

Since the reports broke, the former ‘Friends’ star admits she has been left confused by different people asking her about baby food.

She said: “I’ve been asked lately, ‘Jen, what’s this baby food diet all about?’ I kept thinking, ‘That’s the strangest question ever.’ “