Some experts believe Paramore’s Hayley Williams wasn’t hacked

Experts are speculating that Paramore front-lady Hayley Williams’ Twitter account wasn’t hacked.

A photo of what appears to be 21-year-old Hayley semi-naked was posted to her Twitter page. Hayley tweeted not long after claiming to be the victim of a hacker.

Well now experts reckon that it is more likely that Hayley posted the photo herself. reports that the image contains data (EXIF data, which is automatically stored in most digital photos) which tells you when the picture was taken, and the device it was taken with.

The site claims that, after looking at the data, the image appears to have been taken only eight minutes before it was published to Twitter, and points out that it is highly unlikely for the series of events leading up to a hacking scenario to have taken place in only eight minutes.

A spokesperson from Paramore’s label had no comment when contacted by MTV.

Hayley has taken to Twitter again, to thank fans for their support.

She tweeted: “always knew we had the greatest fans. thank you so much for all the support. overwhelming. today is a new day. gonna keep my head up high.(sic)”

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