Syed Masood’s abuse over Eastenders plot

British Soap Awards 2010 - Outside ArrivalsPoor old Syed Masood, not only is his mother giving him a hard time over his recent personal revelations but he is also receiving abuse in the street.

Ok, we know Eastenders is not real! We are, of course, talking about Marc Elliott who has revealed that he has received homophobic abuse in the street over his/Syed’s gay storyline.

We’ve all been watching as Marc’s alter ego Syed Masood struggled to come to terms with his love for Christian Clarke (John Partridge).

It seems the poor chap isn’t having an easy time of it at home either. Marc has now confessed that there has been a mixed response to the long-running plot – with some fans embracing the story and others keen to voice their disapproval.  “Since playing Syed I have really got it in the neck when I’m out. A lot of people are supportive but there is still a huge amount of negativity.”

The actor said that he is able to laugh off the abuse, adding: “I haven’t been threatened but there’s a lot of cat-calling in the street. Any insult, I’ve had it thrown at me. It’s an incredibly important part. In so many cultures being gay is still something swept under the carpet.”

Marc is currently celebrating his Best Newcomer‘ prize which he won at the British Soap Awards earlier this month.

The ceremony airs tonight at 7.30pm on ITV1.