Taylor Momsen’s sickly show

Taylor Momsen Performs In NYC For National Wanna Play Music WeekTaylor Momsen continued singing at a music festival even though she was being sick in her mouth.

The actress-and-singer – who fronts US band The Pretty Reckless – fell ill on stage on May 1 after wearing a thick leather jacket in hot, sunny conditions but continued performing despite regularly retching.

She said: “Well here’s one rock’n’roll thing that I can say. We just played at The Bamboozle in New Jersey about a week ago, and it was so hot, it was 102 degrees or something, and I went on stage in a leather jacket being stupid, because, you know, I have to wear my leather jacket. I almost threw up in the middle of the second song. I was spewing in my mouth and swallowing it back down and I kept turning around and singing. I tweeted the video, it was so cool. It was wicked.”

Despite laughing about the show on her twitter account, the 16-year-old actress, who also plays Jennifer Humphrey in teen drama series ‘Gossip Girl’, was unhappy with the overall performance.

She explained to BBC Radio One DJ Fearne Cotton: “I’m puking whilst singing and continued singing.

“I took my jacket off and pursued with the set but we had radio blaring through the amps halfway through, making me want to die. It was the worst technical show that possible ever happened but it was still awesome.

“It wasn’t a good week for me. Between heat stroke and food poisoning, I’m just having a little bad luck.”