Taylor Swift wants to live with… stingrays?

Taylor Swift Shops In Beverly Hills!Taylor Swift wants stingrays swimming in her home.

The ‘Love Story’ singer is renovating her apartment, and her odd choices of decor include a people-sized bird-cage and a pond in her living room.

The 20-year-old star said: “There’s a pond in the living room and I want to get stingrays. I don’t want people to think I’m crazy, but wouldn’t that be cool?”

Taylor and her friends have given her new home a nickname to match its quirkiness.

She added to People.com: “My friends and I have been calling it things like ‘The Imaginarium,’ because it has all of these crazy whimsical things in it.”

Imaginarium can refer to a place or state of mind in which people use their imaginations.

It seems the country music sensation can’t stop renovating wherever she goes. She has even added a little luxury to her tour bus.

Taylor said: “I put in a fireplace, a flip-down treadmill and a really comfortable bed. I feel like I’m home whenever I’m on my tour bus.”

Though Taylor has extravagant tastes when it comes to decor, she is less bothered about her car.

She said: “I still drive the same beat-up banger I got when I was 16.”