Tom Cruise advises David Beckham

Actor Tom Cruise attends Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference final playoff series in Los AngelesDavid Beckham is taking confidence tips from Tom Cruise.

The soccer star – who became close friends with the actor when he moved to Los Angeles to play for LA Galaxy – is seeking advice from the actor about how to become a better public speaker after being asked to undertake a number of public engagements when the soccer World Cup takes place next month.

A source close to David said: “For someone who has been in the public eye for so long, David is still not the most confident when it comes to speaking out. He’s very shy.

“He has spoken to Tom among others about how best to motivate people. Tom is a confident guy and always gives him great advice and David wants to be able to do the same, whatever the circumstances.”

This is not the first time David – who raises three sons with wife Victoria Beckham – has sought advice from Tom.

Last year, the actor – who is married to Katie Holmes – reportedly told the couple what they needed to do to ensure they maintained a healthy balance between work and married life.

An insider explained: “After an evening with David, Tom decided to have a friendly chat with Victoria about the family’s future. He talked to her about David ageing, his soccer career, the pressures of disgruntled fans, the loneliness when away from the family and how time apart can make marriages fail.

“She knows Tom has a point because she saw how her and David’s recent trip to the Seychelles really improved their relationship. It seems his heart-to-heart had an impact on her.”