Touring makes Florence Welch feel like a zombie

An Evening At Sanderson - ArrivalsFlorence Welch says touring leaves her feeling like a “zombie” because of the jetlag.

The Florence and the Machine singer – who recently finished a US tour with her band – was so disorientated because of the different time zones she needed two days alone to get herself together.

She said: “Coming back from America after being there for a month, I was like a zombie. It was like coming up from being a deep sea diver. I couldn’t even go home – I had to go to someone else’s house first. That was one stage of coming up for air.

“Then I went home, but I couldn’t see my family for a bit. I was getting a bit closer to the surface. Then I saw my family, I was about ready for that. The next day I could see my friends. I had to take it in stages. What’s that thing that divers get? Yes, the bends.”

Although The ‘Lungs’ singer might get exhausted with the endless travelling a pop star has to endure she takes her frustrations out on stage.

She added to Radio Times magazine: “I’m not really an angry person – I get all that out on stage. I have a tendency to internalise – turn the anger towards myself rather than anyone else. Sometimes I come off stage and I’m up. That’s when you go out for the night and you’re like, ‘Woooh!’

“Other times, I just go to the dressing room and cry for no particular reason. So that’s my only diva-ish thing. I couldn’t do it any other way – but it takes it out of you, especially now that we’re doing longer shows in bigger venues.”