Want your own Charlie Simpson performance?

Fightstar frontman wants you to pledge for his music, and in return he might sing you a song!

Pledge Music is a fantastic company that allows you – the fan – to help artists raise money not only to make music, but for charity aswell. Charlie’s taken on this opportunity to get some of his solo music out, but insists that this is not the end of Fightstar. No don’t worry, he won’t be splitting up another band!

As far as we can see, the deal is pretty good. You pledge some cash, Charlie makes a CD and then you reap some amazing rewards from it. Some of the deals in the offering are:

– A signed, limited edition copy of the new mini-album
– A chance for pledgers to get their name in the new mini-album’s credits
– A chance to design a page for the new mini-album artwork
– Tickets to a pledgers only gig in an exclusive intimate setting
– A handwritten lyric sheet to a song from the new mini-album
– Exclusive access to a pre-gig soundcheck
– Life time access to any of Charlie Simpsons live shows
– An opportunity to sing backing vocals on Charlie’s new record
– 2 x VIP + meet and greet + soundcheck passes to a Charlie Simpson live show of pledgers choice
– An opportunity to visit Charlie Simpson at a rehearsal
– The chance to buy signed guitars
– Appear in a music video for one of Charlie’s new songs
And our personal favourite…
– Book Charlie to play at your home anywhere in the UK

Simpson has already hit over 78% of pledgers so far, and so some of the above may be going fast!

Charlie Simpson said, “I decided recently that I wanted to do something a bit different and make a solo record. This isn’t the end of Fightstar at all, we’ll be back together very soon, but I just had some songs that I fancied trying out on my own and this is a great opportunity to invite people to be part of the process. Pledge Music is a great way of connecting artists with their fans and I’m really excited about making this work. In addition, some of the funds will be donated to Breast Cancer Research UK, a charity close to me heart as breast cancer has directly affected my family.”

If you’re interested in helping out Cancer Research and Mr Simpson, then head over to his page on Pledge Music .

Happy pledging!