Will.I.Am and Cheryl Cole sitting in a tree..

Black Eyed Peas Open European Tour

Black Eyed Peas man Will.I.Am has been teased about his crush on Cheryl Cole whilst she supports his band on tour.

As we reported yesterday, Cheryl Cole has already had an offer from Amir Kahn and has quite a lot of admirers. But it seems that Will is the one who loves her the most. Not only have the rest of his bandmates been teasing Will about his crush, but it all the crew and dancers are getting involved too. They’ve been chanting, “Will and Cheryl sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g” just to wind the rapper up!

However he can’t blame them, as he has been sneaking off with Cheryl. Will told his bandmates that he’s been showing Cheryl some “new beats” in his mobile studio. Is that what they call it these days?!

A source told The Sun, “Between shows the slog of touring is a dull business. Cheryl’s presence has spiced things up during the first two nights in DuDLD Starnight 2010blin. Everyone has been teasing Will and Cheryl about being an item and generally ripping the p***. It’s playground stuff.

“The backing dancers have been getting in on the act with the most childish stuff.

“Will has a mobile studio with him and he and Cheryl are planning to spend even more time in there making music during the 17 upcoming UK and European dates. So the ribbing is only going to continue.

“Cheryl’s been laughing about it though, saying Will is more like a brother and he’s simply been showing off new beats.”

That’s a shame, because Will has described the singer as his “perfect ten”, called her divorce “great news” and told the world that he’d move to London if it meant being with the singer. During the tour’s opening night in Ireland, Will came on stage rapping, “Cheryl Cole’s so sexy.”

This boy has it bad!