Cheryl Cole crushed by fans

41400, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - Wednesday June 9 2010. Cheryl Cole touches down at Glasgow Airport in a tiny leopard print dress. The Glamour magazine Woman of the Year is in the Scottish City for the first round of auditions for this year's The X Factor TV show. The singer was escorted to the car park at the airport by two armed police officers. Photograph:  Chris Clark,

Cheryl Cole (or should we say Tweedy now?) became trapped and crushed by a group of fans – with her security team to blame.

Cheryl was attempting to walk through the fans who had parked themselves outside her hotel but in the excitement she became stuck and was very scared.

One female fan in particular got right up in Cheryl’s face and grabbed her wrist. Security managed to rescue her, but Cheryl was heard screaming, “What the f*** was that?!” after they all made their way inside. Simon Cowell comforted her with a strong drink, but it took time for the singer to calm down.

One staff member at the hotel said, “The judges were supposed to come in the back. If their people had communicated with us properly this wouldn’t have happened.”