Cheryl Cole lost her ring!

41453, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - Wednesday June 9, 2010. Cheryl Cole arrives for The X Factor 2010 auditions, held in Glasgow. Nearly 3000 wannabes auditioned in front of Simon Cowell, Geri Halliwell and Louis Walsh for the chance to become famous.  Photograph:  Wattie Cheung,

Cheryl Cole lost one of her favourite pieces of jewellery when she was grabbed by a fan, a report has claimed.

Earlier we posted about how Cheryl was shaken after she was crushed by fans outside her hotel in Birmingham. Among the chaos Cheryl lost a ring from her finger.

Sources claim that two members of her team later returns to the area to find the silver piece, but their search was of no success. The ring was still missing last night.

Guesses are the overzealous female fan that grabbed her wrist is now the proud new owner of the ring and Cheryl’s people are trying to get hold of her. If this fan is anything like we’d imagine, we’d have a little search on eBay as well…