Ellie Goulding won’t write for anyone else

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The singer doesn’t want to write songs for other artists. Instead, she wants to keep them all for herself!

Ellie has co-written three songs for Diana Vickers new album, ‘Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree’ -‘Remake Me and You’, ‘Notice’ and ‘Jumping Into Rivers’ – but now tells Q Magazine that she’s done.

“Last year I worked with her before I signed my record deal because [producer] Guy Sigsworth is a friend of mine. He was like, ‘Yeah I’m working with that X Factor girl Diana Vickers, do you wanna come down?’. So I said, ‘Yeah, why not?’. I unexpectedly wrote some songs for her album.” She told the magazine.

Goulding was then asked what she truly thought of Vickers, saying, “Well me excluded, she’s had some really amazing writers. They’re trying to make her massive I think. But then I don’t know.

“I don’t think I’m going to write for anyone again. I’ve decided it’s not for me. Saying that, I might but it wouldn’t be like that. I’d write with someone.”

During the interview she was also compared to Dido! Ellie responded: “Dido and Diana Vickers. What the f**k is that about?! I don’t know why. One person said I was like Dido in Shoreditch clothes.

“First I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Dido. And second, I don’t go to Shoreditch and I don’t know what those people dress like. So f**k off! I think people are just like, ‘Hmmm who should we compare her to?’. It’s just a technicality, isn’t it?”

No, we wouldn’t want to be compared to Dido either!