Katy Perry denies dissing Lady Gaga

Singer Katy Perry looked great in a Flintstones Bedrock Betty inspired short yellow mini leopard print dress, as she heades to attend a listening party in New York City, NY for her new record on June 14, 2010! Fame Pictures, Inc

Katy Perry has denied she tried to diss Lady Gaga’s new video for Alejandro, explaining that her background makes it difficult for her to accept certain things.

After Lady Gaga’s Alejandro video was released, Katy tweeted “using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke”. She now implies that she never meant to diss Gaga and that her comment was never meant that way.

“Lately, I’ve just been seeing some things that are kind of… not something I would do, I guess,” she says. “From where I come from, it’s hard for me to say that….”

She then added that she’s a huge Lady Gaga fan, but that she and Gaga simply have different view points. Hmmm, if this is an apology, it’s a bad one.