Katy Perry wants to send Russell Brand into Space

Singer Katy Perry sports blue hair and some cleavage as she arrives to Las Palmas Club with her fiance Russell Brand on June 6, 2010 in Hollywood, CA (photo by manero / Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom

The things people do for love, eh?

Katy Perry has reportedly spent over £100,000 on Russell’s 35th birthday present. She has decided to send him into space! Katy put on a astronaut’s costume during his surprise birthday party in LA to give him the present.

A source at the party, said: “Russell thought it was just him and Katy going for dinner. He was bowled over when he walked into the restaurant and saw she had got all his pals and family together for a surprise party.

“Halfway through the dinner she walked in wearing a full astronaut outfit to give Russell the space trip. Everyone cheered for the Brit cake. Katy knows how proud he is of his roots.”

Yes, she even had a cake made with the union flag on it! Aw, now all of that is definitely unrequited love. These two are a match made in heaven… or space even!