Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani have split up

41693, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Thursday 17 June 2010. Rugby star Danny Cipriani attends the pre-Wimbledon party at Kensington Roof Gardens in London. Photograph:

Form an orderly queue ladies! As long as you look like Kelly, you’ll be fine.

Yesterday we reported that Danny was spotted getting cosy with Jessica Lowndes, and now News of the World reports he’s been rather friendly with Jasmine Waltz. Poor Kelly!

However with all their flowing brown hair and sparkling eyes, we’re finding it hard to notice the difference between the three.

According to the paper’s sources, the couple split due to a number of reasons. Kelly grew tired of Danny’s mood swings and friendships with a string of women. Apparently she also refused to follow him to Australia when he opened his rugby club as she feared it might ruin her career plans. A friend told the paper: “Kelly and Danny are perhaps the most drop-dead gorgeous couple in showbiz. But beneath the glam exterior it has been going downhill.”

Another friend said, “It would not exactly boost Kelly’s TV and acting career. She has high hopes the Playboy shoot will take her to a different level. She still has ambitions and doesn’t feel she could achieve them in Australia. She let Danny know and it led to rows.” The source added: “That, along that with her concerns over his friendships with girls, really heaped the pressure on.”

But whilst Kelly jetted back home to London, Danny headed out with actress Jasmine. After watching the England and USA game, they headed to a Hollywood party. Danny was apparently all over Jasmine, and they kissed outside according to the paper’s source.

“She was introducing him to people, but they appeared more caught up in each other. At one stage they got very close outside by the pool and he kissed her. It was very odd bearing in mind all the English people at the party thought he was still dating Kelly.41211, SANTA MONIA, CALIFORNIA - Thursday June 3, 2010. Kelly  Brook shows off her toned legs in a sexy, short dress as she walks  hand-in-hand with her rugby player boyfriend, Danny Cipriani. Brook, 30,  has reportedly been offered half-a-million dollars to pose nude for  Playboy magazine. After a meeting at a production studio, the romantic  couple headed to the Adidas store in Santa Monica, where they spent one  hour shopping. Photograph: Andrew Shawaf / Gaz Shirley,

“Danny had a couple of vodkas and was happy to show his feelings for Jasmine. They were openly cuddling in front of everyone.”

Then on Wednesday, Jasmine told News of the World that she was seeing Cipriani, “Danny is very special and very cute. We had a great time together on Saturday. It was a brilliant party.”

She then showed them a photo of her nuzzling Danny’s neck and said, “Look at that. Isn’t that cool?”

However, that wasn’t the end of Danny’s womanizing. He headed back to the UK, and went out with Jessica (who, by the way, looks just like Kelly too). They headed out to a pre-Wimbledon party, but friends insist they are just mates, as she’s dating one of Danny’s friends back in LA.

Oh Kelly, we feel for you! We’re sure that Playboy shoot that you just got paid a reported £300,000 eased it a little though.