Lady Gaga: “My hats keep the devil away”

Lady Gaga's VMA After Party at Avenue in NYC

Yet another odd comment from Lady Gaga.

Known for her crazy outfits, weird shoes and strange hair pieces, Lady Gaga has revealed the reason for style – it keeps the devil away.

Talking to, she commented, “The more interesting and outrageous the better.

“For me, it keeps the devil away. I always like when I have a hat that’s big enough to keep people away at pretentious parties, it’s protection.

“They protect me in a different way, a social canopy”

The singer then went on to say that ‘Gaga’ and the real her – Stefani Germanotta – are exactly the same. Yes, she really is that weird in real life.

‘The biggest misconception about me is that I’m a character, or Gaga is separate from Stefani,’ she tells the site.

‘We are one and the same, there is no difference.’

Ok crazy lady! Whatever you say.