Posh and Becks are NOT splitting!

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham went shopping at Barney's in Los Angeles, CA on May 25 2010. Beckham recently came out against rumors that her marriage to soccer star David Beckham never recovered from an affair allegation in 2004. Fame Pictures, Inc

A number of different news sources have been speculating that David and Victoria Beckham are planning to announce a split this afternoon.

It seems they’ve fallen victim to twitter rumours. The social networking website has been buzzing with splitting rumours of David and Victoria, but we can safely say that they are false.

A spokesman for the couple has been forced to make a statement:

“I am hearing from a number of sources that Victoria and David Beckham are due to announce their separation in a few hours.

“I have confirmation direct from Team Beckham that the separation rumour is ‘utter nonsense.’”