Ronan Keating went fleeting after custody talks

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Singer has flown away with the children after sorting out an unofficial custody deal with his ex-wife Yvonne.

According to the News of The World, the couple were in talks last week after failing to save their marriage. After talking about the children, they agreed that he could have unrestricted access, but was only allowed to be alone with them twice a week.

A friend of the family told the paper, “Ronan’s finally accepted that getting back with Yvonne is a long way off.

“They’re separated now and the practicalities need to be addressed. And Yvonne needed an access agreement so that the kids could start getting used to the idea.”

The friend continued, “Right now they are the number one priority. He’ll explain the situation and that both he and Yvonne love them. It is a heartbreaking time but he knows this will be the only chance he gets to do it.

“Things are still very raw with Yvonne, but they have to put that behind them for the sake of the kids.”

Yvonne has even agreed to take the kids to Australia for the summer while Ronan does his stint on the Australian X Factor. A pal said: “At the moment, getting back with Ronan is the last thing on her mind. She’s still devastated.”

“She needs to decide whether she can forgive him for hurting her in the way he did.”

Ronan is currently in France with his children. At least they’re trying to keep the peace for them!