Russell Brand loves to kiss other girls

British actor/comedian Russell Brand attends a photocall for Get Him To The Greek at Potter's Field Park in London on June 20, 2010.   UPI/Rune Hellestad Photo via NewscomRussell Brand sees being an actor as a free pass to ‘get off’ with other girls.

Russell, who is engaged to singer Katy Perry, makes the most of his ‘free opportunity’ to kiss people.

He told Dave Berry of UK’s Xfm Breakfast Show: ‘You’re in a film and like in this scene you kiss a girl, something brilliant in my mind, and I’m thankful for this neurological impulse, goes, ‘They won’t know if you just kiss her normal, and it’s not even acting at all,”.

‘Just kiss her and that, and get off with her’ he added.

‘It’s not like I stuck my tongue in their mouths.’

‘It’s just what I didn’t do is, I wasn’t pretending, I was just going ‘right, kiss her’, as if it was a free opportunity to start kissing people.’