Simon Cowel NOT getting married?

41453, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - Wednesday June 9, 2010. Simon Cowell arrives for The X Factor 2010 auditions, held in Glasgow. Nearly 3000 wannabes auditioned in front of Cheryl Cole, Geri Halliwell and Louis Walsh for the chance to become famous.  Photograph:  Wattie Cheung,

Simon Cowell and Mezghan Hussainy are not getting married. Apparently, it may have never even been on in the first place.

We all thought that the head-judge of nearly every televised talent show proposed to Mezghan on Valentines Day, with wedding plans for September. Now we’re not even sure if the couple has ever even been engaged.

Simon doesn’t appear to be setting a date for this “wedding” and splitting rumours are getting more frequent as the couple hasn’t been pictured together since May 10th.

A source said: “He’s still getting used to living with Mezghan, let alone her being his wife.

“Bear in mind this is a man who’s used to doing his own thing. Simon’s a man’s man. He likes to dance to his own tune and isn’t used to making compromises, which marriage requires. Mezghan’s a great girl.

“But even those closest to Simon aren’t expecting to hear wedding bells any time soon.”