The Jonas Brothers have a ‘panties’ ban

The Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas greet fans and photogs alike as they leave an appearance in New York City, New York on May 19, 2010. Fame Pictures, IncNope, this has nothing to do with purity rings or anything to do with actual panties, it’s the word they avoid.

According to reports, ‘panties’ is not a word you will find in the Jonas family dictionary.

In a recent interview with Toronto Sun, Trevor Boris, script writer for MuchMusic Video Awards, revealed that Kevin, Joe and Nick have a list of words they will not say in public.

“Last year, with the Jonas Brothers hosting, there were all these weird rules. Like, they wouldn’t say the word panties,” Trevor revealed.

“And I can’t even remember why we were trying to say panties. But they had this long list of things they wouldn’t say. It is funny some of the things you run into when the artists’ representatives get involved.”

Maybe Miley Cyrus may be willing to say the P word?

“I feel like Miley is going to be a little more open, that she’s trying to be a bit more grown-up and edgy these days,” he said.

“Maybe we can get Miley to say panties. So if you hear Miley say panties, you know, ‘A-ha, the writers have succeeded.'”

Get her to say it? Heck, it’s probably what she’ll be wearing anyway!